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The Mercedes‑Benz
Chauffeur Programme

Key Benefits

An extensive range of vehicles Outstanding cost-efficiency
Whether you choose the award winning S-Class, innovative new E-Class, advanced V-Class or any of our other models, you and your passengers can travel in the utmost comfort and style. Every one of our vehicles offers superb cost efficiency, class-leading specification and attractive Whole Life Costs (WLC).
State-of-the-art safety Dedicated support
All our vehicles are fitted with a high level of safety equipment as standard, and undergo extensive tests that exceed the demands of consumer safety organisations and of EU, US and JP legislation. For example, you can experience state-of-the-art systems that maximise safety and convenience in the brand new E-Class. The all-new Drive Pilot feature makes split-second decisions to enhance your journey. From using camera and radar sensors to assist you with steering and overtaking, to detecting and automatically adapting to speed limits – it’s the next step towards autonomous driving. We offer a full range of support services to keep you on the road including: full servicing and maintenance plans, complimentary roadside assistance, mobility services and access to marketing images.

Chauffeur Service & Maintenance Plans

With our range of service and maintenance plans, you can spread your
servicing, maintenance and MOT costs over your preferred period of time,
and benefit from extra offers.

Service Care Chauffeur Complete Care Chauffeur Complete Care Plus Chauffeur
Servicing Servicing and maintenance Servicing, maintenance and tyres
What's included • Routine servicing including labour, parts, recommended items and lubricants including AdBlue®* • Routine servicing including labour, parts, recommended items and lubricants including AdBlue®*

• Wear and tear repairs included (eg. pads, discs, wiper blades)

• Mechanical and electrical repairs outside of warranty/roadside assistance
• Routine servicing including labour, parts, recommended items and lubricants including AdBlue®*

• Wear and tear repairs included (eg. pads, discs, wiper blades)

• Mechanical and electrical repairs outside of warranty/roadside assistance

• Tyres
MOTs One MOT in year one, two per year thereafter Flexible MOT options available designed to suit your needs
*At service visit.

Additional Features

Roadside Assistance Enhanced Mobility
We know your vehicle is your livelihood. That’s why we offer Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance. We’ll provide fast and effective assistance at the roadside should your vehicle fail to start or no longer be able to continue its journey.If your vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside, Mercedes-Benz will recover you to the nearest Mercedes-Benz Retailer and we’ll provide you with a like-for-like replacement Chauffeur-licensed vehicle*. Also, as an added benefit when you take out a service and maintenance plan, we offer an additional tailored assistance package for you free of charge - Enhanced Mobility. We will provide a replacement Chauffeur-licensed vehicle for a maximum of five days if yours is driven into a Mercedes-Benz Retailer for any of the
• Satellite navigation not working
• Gearbox issues
• Engine management light on • Air conditioning not working
Tracker Plus for Mercedes-Benz Chauffeur Photo Service
When you purchase one of our service and maintenance plans, we will provide you with a ‘Tracker Plus for Mercedes-Benz’ unit* for free. You will have the peace of mind that if your car is stolen the TRACKER command centre will immediately notify the Police who are enabled to directly link in to your vehicle with VHF technology. As a part of our Chauffeur Programme we can provide you with access to official Mercedes-Benz photography for your website, brochures and other promotional material. You can choose from a range of vehicle images, including the new E-Class, S-Class and V-Class, and are free to use each as often as you need to.
Mercedes-Benz uses AdBlue® technology to create our cleanest diesel cars ever with no impact on performance.

* For Chauffeurs in the London area, the replacement vehicle will be a PCO licensed vehicle. In all other areas the availability of a replacement vehicle will be subject to the regulations of the relevant licensing authority and the ability to obtain a temporary licence.



Everything about it is advanced S-Class Plug-In Hybrid Saloon
When it comes to spoiling your clientele, the luxurious S-Class goes the extra mile. Passengers will appreciate the sumptuous comfort of every journey, while the standard air suspension and the optional Magic Body Control system ensure this is one of the most engaging executive limousines on the market. Groundbreaking innovation and dynamic performance are just a few hallmarks of the S-Class. The S-Class Plug-In Hybrid allows us to add extra fuel efficiency to that list. With innovative systems that ingeniously increase fuel efficiency and a complete suite of the most advanced safety and driver assistance technologies on the planet, this luxury plug-in saloon is a dynamic addition to our S-Class range.



Masterpiece of intelligence
A perfect blend of luxurious materials with elegant design, the new E-Class cabin provides a bigger, even more comfortable, relaxed and sophisticated driving environment. Acknowledgements to the flagship S-Class Saloon include the distinctive wraparound dashboard, while standard features range from rich leather upholstery to ambient lighting with 64 different settings. It is truly designed with you and your passengers’ enjoyment and comfort in mind. Plus its impressive efficiency figures and safety systems ensure you enjoy a smooth ride whatever the day throws at you, this is our best E-Class ever.



The business traveller's dream
With up to 8 seats, the V-Class makes business travel luxurious and carefree for both you and your passengers. To make journeys as relaxing and effortless as possible, electric sliding doors are fitted on both sides, while the EASY-PACK automatic powered tailgate has a split feature for easy access in tight spaces. Just another example of the intelligent design that makes the V-Class so versatile.

The V-Class also comes with PARKTRONIC with Active Parking Assist, which not only identifies suitable parking spaces but actually steers the vehicle automatically into them. There’s a reversing camera too, which gives you visibility and guidance where you need it most.
As for performance, a choice of responsive, efficient engines ensure it is remarkably economical and competitive. A dream come true for both business traveller and chauffeur.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact our
Fleet Customer Hub:

8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday

T: 0800 369 8998
E: fleetcustomerhub@daimler.com
W: mercedes‑benz.co.uk/chauffeur

Our business revolves around you, so the Fleet Customer Hub is always on hand as a first point of contact for all Mercedes‑Benz customers, either new or existing to the brand. Priding itself on delivering an abundance of product expertise, the team offer a first class personal service which is entirely focused on helping our customers. Our team of Customer Executives are always on hand.

Get in touch today by calling our Fleet Customer Hub for more information.